Work Hours - Work Time Balance app for iOS

We build this app to track working hours. The app provides possibility to easily see current time balance and enter or exit from work.

A time entry during a day signals the Work Hours app that the day is a working day. The app then reduces the set working hours from the time balance. This way, you do not need to mark working days, holidays or time off to the app. You only need to track in and out. This simplicity has couple caveats.

This app does not work for you if your working hours span between two different days (you have night shifts).

This app does not work for you if your expected working hours are not constant. Work Hours app works for employees that have a certain amount of hours per day / week / month that they need to fulfill.

In case of full time off day that affects your time balance you will need to add single short time entry to activate the day as a working day.

Time balance can be tweaked in settings to set starting balance. In Pro version the work time entries can be exported to CSV. Pro version supports more than 10 entries.